Monday, September 2, 2013

Welcome Big Baron!

My husband realized paddleboarding was not going away from our house, so went and got himself a board too! It's so much longer than the rigid board I got last summer.
His board is way fancier than my rigid board. His is inflatable! It deflates and rolls down to almost nothing like a floaty toy.
Plus he got a fancy paddle, way fancier than my end-of-summer rental-gear special.
I think he and the Big Baron are gonna get along juuuust fiiiine.
I even took the Baron for a spin. I like it. I like a lot.
The ducks at the pond seemed to like the Baron too, I thought one was going to crawl up on top and ask if we had any Cheetos. My husband said they recognized our hats. Hee hee.
Welcome Big Baron!


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