Sunday, September 15, 2013

Welcome Daphne, my Duct Tape Double!

Well my lovelies, the most important holiday of the year is upon us (after New Year's Eve, of course). In the fall a (not so) young (wo)man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of costumery. Halloween is nigh! And as with every year past, I begin to craft notions of get-ups, and then...I wish I had a dress form. Well no more! After much consultation with the Internet, I invested in some duct tape to make myself a double.
And after donning an old T-shirt and with the help of my handy assistant, set off to duplicate me.
This series of photos makes it seem like it took just a few minutes, but actually it took about 2 hours for my sweet husband to cover me in duct tape. And golly it was fun. And by fun I mean constricting.
And then we cut this weird encasement off me, T-shirt and all, right up my spine. OK, my husband wearing me like the Silence of the Lambs was a little weird. We agreed this activity was likely one of the strangest things we've done.
I bought this coat rack at a thrift store for 10 bones, and my husband moved the coat hooks to the base to make it more stable. He's so clever!
And then he jammed some PVC on the top of it to create a hanger system.
 So smart!!
I stuffed myself with newspaper and craft paper, and taped over my arm holes and neck holes to Daphne will be somewhat rigid.
I like her Metropolis-style shoulder bolts. When I'm not using the duct tape, I put it on wrist, and I couldn't figure out why my husband held it on his noggin. Ah, hands too big. Right.
In addition to clever, he's a funny one.
Daphne is taller than me, but I wanted to err on the side of too short instead of too tall. Plus easier to work on hemlines. I'm just tickled at how successful this was. Big thanks to my husband who gave up 4 hours on his Sunday to make me a crafty dress form.
Welcome Daphne!


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