Sunday, September 29, 2013

So Long Gang Campout, 2013!

Well, all good things must come to an end. We had "planted" all the tomato plants in the sand we could stand....
...These hot guys got the boat out of the camp marina...
...Folks started packing up and heading for home...
Luckily we had our group shots under our belt.Thanks to the little ones for being my test shots. Even Addison wandered in to be a subject!
This is the kids-requested, "everyone make a funny face" shot.
Yay! All of us! Back row: Cole, Cyndi, Jon, Kim, Ken, Kristin, Chris, Lena, Tiffany, Mike. Front row: Cade, Mitch, Nathan, Addison, Tim, Taline, TJ, Stacey and me! Wooooo!
Before we left we sat around and gabbed for a while, and the boys had Cokes. Vanilla for CR, cherry for Tim, and regular for my husband.
We discussed Lena's abundance of camping hair...
And in the 22-acre wood, Christopher Robin said his good-byes to Pooh.
So we packed it in and hit the road, Boise-bound. Thanks to everyone who packed and planned and shopped and drove and cleaned up the boat and took off time and spent the weekend camping. Such fun! xoxo


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