Sunday, September 29, 2013

Nights in Camp

After all that swimming and floating and paddleboarding and boating and general fun in the sun, we needed a fire and some dinner! Despite my best efforts to make the group camp a camp other than mine, most group events ended up in our campsite! It just seemed to work out that way.
We tried doing tatoes in the fire one night, but as you may know, they usually take longer than you want to wait. So they ended up being used for breakfast instead.
No camp is complete without kids playing in the fire.
Sometimes it seemed like the kids outnumbered us, but they didn't really. They were like a tow-headed gang. A really short gang.
When. Are. You. Dumb. Adults. Going. To. Feed. Me.
Such lovely campers!
All the kids were really engaged and helpful, even the littlest one pitching in to run down to the store and get ice!
I think these other lovely campers were chatting with my husband and CR, but I just love my Kristin's flirtatious expression.
Thankfully some smart campers brought barbecues. None of those smart campers was us. Yay everyone else!
It wasn't easy to feed 20 people from 3 barbecues on one tiny picnic table, but no one went hungry.
Camping chaos.
One morning Kim opened her barbecue to discover it had been filled with all the leftover steaks from the previous night. Mmmm. Reminded me of some girls who put pizza in their hotel room dresser. ;)


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