Thursday, September 19, 2013

Don't Forget the Floaties!

In addition to our paddleboards, we had a bounty of inflatable floaties too. I love a nice floaty. Here, our Kristin is demonstrating what is known in our circle as "a diaper." Turning your lifevest upside down and stepping into the armholes allows you to float unencumbered. This term used hilariously by one of the kids when heading off to jump off rocks into the water..."we should all wear diapers!!" Hahaha!
Addison, approaching Kim, Stacey in the background.
Addison paddles his own boat...
...Front tooths or not. We discussed that the kid got $20 from the Tooth Fairy for that one. Initially I was taken aback, (and not just because I have been the tooth fairy for Halloween) but upon hearing that it had to be removed by the dentist, I could empathize, having had to have 4 baby teeth removed by a dentist my own self. At age 7, upon hearing that I would have teeth pulled, I locked myself in the bathroom and had a complete freak-out melt-down crying fit for like an hour. I remember it VIVIDLY.
If only sister could relax.
CR saves this little flotilla of ladies from floating out to sea.
Floaties rock.


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