Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Abu Dhabi: Compare and Contrast

There are so many things that are exactly the same as they are at home. Like being frozen to death at the office, which I just love. Instead of project number (PN), which we use to bill our time, they say charge code (CC). But you still need one to get paid. ;) 
Different from any hotel room I've ever stayed in is the Qibla on the ceiling just above my bed, pointing the direction towards Mecca. 
Different from any non-residential building in America, the WINDOW OPENS! Imagine! I love it. I'm on the 11th floor. I leave it open to escape the non-stop AC an listen to the beeps and honks of traffic. 
I've gotten into a taxi near this bright fountain 12 times and never noticed it featured colored lights! 
 Google finally figured out that I'm an English user in the UAE. For a long time it said Google, and then under it something like: دعوة لحضور معرض سيتي. What now?
Yahoo! Now gives me all UAE news. Maktoob must mean mail?
And exactly the same is working with technical staff who make messy, incomprehensible chicken-scratch markups and expect you can read their minds. 


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