Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hawaii: Hiking at Volcanoes National Park!

Baby ferns. Super creepy.
Oliver was feeling under the weather, so he and Sally stayed behind, but the other six of us made our way to Volcanoes National Park for hiking, sightseeing, and lunch!
The eerie steam vents everywhere make everything a little scary.
Hawaii has the most lovely flora. My mother and grandmother came together to visit when i lived here, and we did a lot of garden tours, as you might imagine. The flora always reminds me of that.
The little guided tour around the steam vents.
Hearty, but gorgeous.
Be careful my husband!
Carolyn and her oldest grandson, with the crater as backdrop.
Then, the more significant of our hiking efforts, down down down into a valley.
Ferns do so well in this dewy environment.
I thought I was the tail end, but must not have been! :D
Back to the visitors center, and a visit into the Volcano Art Center. Near the end of the vacation I outlined a couple of surprises that I hadn't expected. I was surprised how much i enjoyed the Art Center, and I was shocked that we had no broken/sprained ankle incidents on all that lava.
Carolyn liked the Volcano Art Center too.
I think it bored my brother-in-law.


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