Friday, May 16, 2014

Hawaii: Provisions, Surveys, and World Class Snorkeling

A group effort to haul in and unload the groceries.
Which we were able to manage pretty well. Thank heavens for Sally, who knows how to buy/feed more than 2 people, or we would have been stuck eating the strawberry guavas my husband found while walking.
Pineapple chairs!!
This painting loomed over the dining table, and made me want to go snorkeling always.
This was a fisherman's access next to our house that was fun to walk in.
Ollie and Carolyn on the 5 minute walk to an AMAZING WORLD CLASS SNORKELING PRESERVE!!!
Where we had to walk over about a quarter of a mile of ropey lava.
But it was ridiculously teeming with creatures!


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