Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hawaii: Turtles!

And here's my husband's crowning undersea find...TURTLES!! And a small plug for his camera -- the Nikon Coolpix Waterproof. The following awesome pix were taken with it, and this crap photo was taken with my Fuji XP. But my husband is actually in this pix, so here it is.
Disapproving Turtle.
Grouchy Turtle.
Turtle and nephew.

Turtle considering munching Sally.
I've had enough of you people.
Sally, me, Louis, Turtle.
Being with turtles always reminds me of diving with them in Hawaii with Dad and sister. Turtles like to "eat" the bubbles that come off your dive regulator when you breath, so will get pretty close to you to do so. Such a cool experience.
Even though it looks like Lou is coming pretty close to the turtle, we didn't aggravate them, because of course sea turtles are an endangered species.
I hope these ones thrive and multiply because turtles are the coolest ever.


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