Saturday, May 17, 2014

Montana: Putting the Body in Cold Storage

A week after returning from Hawaii, my husband was off to Montana, hunting the wild turkeys. And he got one this year! When he called to tell me he was en route, I asked how many he got. He said "One. I only have a tag for one." OK, technically two, but he saves the other for the fall trip to the ranch.
And seemingly, one will be enough to tide us over for quite a while!
Ice chest full of turkey!
That's a big bird. He went to put it in the bigger ice chest, but upon discovering it full of detritus, and having just driven 16 hours, he quickly turned to the fridge in the garage.
And with an exhausted dexterity, swept all the beverages from the middle shelf...
And crammed that bird in there...
Feathers flying, wings everywhere, like trying to put a mad cat in a pillow case.
Or trying to hide a body. It was the most hilarious part of the turkey's arrival at the Chicken Ranch.


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