Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hawaii: Lava Trees State Park

On the way back from breakfast, a stop at the Lava Trees State Park! Aah, boys. On both sides of my extended family, there's girls, girls, and more girls. In all my cousins (4) and second cousins, there's only one boy. So boy families are relatively new to me.
They are old hat to these two.
Perfect! I love this one so much.
First up at the park, peering into a lava abyss.
I love their crayon colors.
No idea. ;)
And for a moment, the gingers regarded each other.
My husband is attempting to extol the virtues of my beauty, but mostly it looks like he's about to hit me.
I liked this little park. Meticulously maintained yet empty of others. Exactly as I like my landmarks.
This would be the first of one of my not-favorite family photos. We all look uncomfortable and Oliver has cleverly jumped out of sight.
This Oliver. The one swinging from the vines.
This is the second of my non-favorite family photos. Half of us look wonky, and my eyes are closed. Though I do like the curved-path setup.


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