Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hawaii: Heading Kona Side

Being on the Hilo side, it rained more than on the desserty Kona side, but hardly enough to even notice. Sally graciously pointed out that it was easier for her to be on the Hilo side because the sun wasn't so hot, so bright, so much. I much preferred it too, though I love both environs.
So for Art's 70th birthday, we piled into our two cars and headed to the Kona side for the day!
We stopped at a scenic pull off mid-island, just to stretch.
Team Redmond checkin' out the scene.
When I told a fellow who is one of my coworkers and also on my husband's men's softball team that we were going to Hawaii with his parents, he said..."He has parents? I figured he crawled out of a bear cave somewhere." Baahah! I love this line.


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