Saturday, May 24, 2014

Abu Dhabi: More Mall-ery

 So as I've outlined, I'm not a big mall person. But a coworker explained that malls are restaurant-heavy here, and that you have to go to the mall, its too hot to do anything else. Oh right. Got it. 
 There are a lot of reflective surfaces in Abu Dhabi.
This one has an ice rink AND a bowling alley! It looks reasonably sized, but is pretty small. 
Paris has her own store here. Well sure.
The escalators are pretty cool -- they use motion-sensing technology and start running when you approach them, and stop when no one is riding. Such a smart escalator!
Yes, no, and maybe hangars in the dressing room!?! These should be regulation in America.
That's Emirates Palace in back there. More on that at a later time.
And then, another taxi ride back to my hotel for a nap.

So much construction everywhere.


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