Saturday, May 17, 2014

Abu Dhabi: My Hotel

So I'm staying here, at the Grand Millennium al Wahda. Kudos the person who did the Photoshop work in this bad boy. 
These are the views from my room/floor. Mostly they are terrible and make it look like a war zone, because the windows are quite dirty. But having just returned from Hawaii, where my nephew asked, "why is everything sticky?" I know that a bit of sea air and a little pollution goes a long way. 
The hotel is fine, its nice enough, but the housekeeping is rather spotty. If the garbage is emptied, my washcloths aren't replaced. My room service dishes get removed but no replacement bathrobe was provided. Minor complaints, but something's always a little off. 
There are four restaurants in the hotel, a diner place, a faux British pub, a Japanese sushi place, and a swanky Italian joint. I've only tried the first two. All are fine, but nothing beats the amazing, over the top breakfast buffet that offers a salad bar, a hot breakfast bar, wads of fresh fruit, cereal, stir-fried noodles, and lots of other weird things like buttered peas and something that's supposed to be "ful medames," an Egyptian bean dish, but the name tag says "Foul Madames," which makes me giggle. 
Between work and sleep and minor sightseeing, i have yet to make it to the rooftop pool and unlike me!
In the elevators, the bottom floor is "G," and the next one up is "1," then "2," etc. So that's not confusing.
I take a 10-minute taxi ride to and from the office, which costs about 10 dirham, or about 3 bucks American. The taxis are municipally regulated -- they are all the same kind of car, the drivers are uniformed, and they don't expect tips, but do take them when offered. And its backwards from the U.S. -- the light on the top means they have a fare, no light means they are available. 


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