Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hawaii: Uncle Robert's Nighttime Kalapana Farmer's Market!

When folks went into Pahoa to rent snorkel gear, they were advised to forget about a hotel luau and come to the farmer's market in Kalapana. This turned out to be excellent advice. We hopped in our two cars (neither had enough seatbelts for 8) and made our way through the canopy, about 15 miles away, to the market place...
Which was pretty awesome.
And featured a bunch of cool stuff, like wood-fired craft pizzas...
A community seating area...
And a band playing local music.
This one's for you, Sara, my Kombucha buddy!
We all got assorted food and drinks. including pizza for the kupuna, salad rolls and pulled pork for Redmond, and for us, authentic chicken katsu with mac salad, which is hard to come by done right on the mainland.
Bathroom/nature walk. Aah, it's good to see you again, Hawaii. 


Just Tom said...

There are no bathrooms at the he market since the lava visited
us. Now we have LAVATORIES!

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