Saturday, May 17, 2014

Las Vegas: Our Oasis!

Random shots from the interior of this house, which had some issues, but was mostly fine.
But so nice to just sit and catch up.
Here's me giving the Mister Pitt treatment (fork and knife) to a pizza roll.
Keeping each other company during cooking times!
It wouldn't be Girl Party without Stacey's taco flavored Doritos. I don't think I had a single one. I usually have at least one. Hmm.
Well, there were plenty of other options.
And through a Vons snafu, more coffee than we'd probably drink in a month.
Kristin's mexican food spread, which would later end up as one kick-a$$ nacho, thanks to sister.

Sick child? Naw! Grocery deliver was $12, or free if you buy one of these participating items, like this one, $6. Plus potentially useful in case anyone needed... ahem...electrolytes.
The pool was a little chilly. How chilly? This one wasn't in it 24/7. Here she's just wading in. Very out of character.
The deck setup was just lovely, and perfect for Quiet Magazine Time.
Hahah! I brought these items from Hawaii for my ladies! For Sister, Kristin, and my favorite OSU grad, respectively. All from Filthy Farmgirl. If you see it, buy it, its not only cleverly marketed, its great soap. I get it in Boise, but was please to see it for sale at the farmer's market in Hawaii, near its source.
One of the issues with the house was that the oven didn't work. There was a toast oven tho, so we made lemonade from lemons. Stacey baked the quiche shell in the toaster oven, then filled it with a scramble. That'll work! it was delicious.


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