Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hawaii: Our Second Black Beach!

After we'd had all the market we could take, we hiked out across the lava maybe a quarter of a mile to our second black beach. Art stayed at the car, having made the trek earlier, but I wish we'd done a family shot here, with the dramatic contrasts of the sunset sky, the black sand, and the gorgeous waves.
Always so nice to see this smiling face under tropical skies.
Handbag hilarity aside, Chris is graciously carrying the new satchel Sally acquired at the market. I am covetous.
How do these baby palm trees find the sustenance to grow? Nature is amazing.
Oliver made his way over the edge to get closer to the water. I approve.
We could all stand there and stare out at the waves for hours, I think.

So honored to be part of this celebration!

So lovely. I highly recommend visiting Kalapana when on the Big Island.


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