Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hawaii: Pahoa Town

Later in the week we chilled out on our far-reaching quests, and just headed into Pahoa town for breakfast at Pele's Kitchen, which was delicious and was easily able to seat all 8 of us.
Sally genioiusly ordered this plate of strange and unique local fruits, including lychees, mountain apples, and guavas. This was the perfect dessert for my traditional Hawaiian breakfast: loco moco. Two eggs on top of spam on top of rice and covered in gravy. Heart attack in a bowl but when in Rome. You just can't get good loco moco on the mainland. No, really.
Then off to wander a bit.
Looking for dive shops and the fish market and general perusing opportunities.
Pahoa has a sort of old western town feel, with enclosed sidewalks and wooden walkways. Plus buildings the color of my kitchen!!!
And random Ron Swanson sightings.
This church landscaping was verdant and lush. The "KEEP OUT" sign made us giggle though. This church is not for you.
Lola's wasn't open, but seemed fun. Including the tattooed lady!
OK, I have just the one, but I qualify. :)


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