Saturday, May 17, 2014

Las Vegas: High Roller!

And the last thing on our Vegas list? Ride the High Roller!
Which you can ride during the day or night. We chose day, cause we wanted to see the sights, not the lights.
GIANT spokes.
Excellent view of Caesar's Palace.

Safety first, please. The ride takes about 35 minutes to make a revolution, so i wonder if they could speed it up if the person in Cabin 25 was having a heart attack.
Top of the wheel!
Yeah yeah, I'm sure that kickstand is gonna hold. Yeah. Sure.
I bet the Bellagio fountains (that green patch) are awesome from the night ride.
I was interested in elevation from ground and also from sea level. Luckily my handy altimeter app kept me informed. the top isn't as high as Boise!
Other than the cute boys from Holland, we had our pod to ourselves!
It went by so fast, but was really cool, i'm so glad we did it!
Totally safe -- check out the size of those screws.
Yay for Sister Party!

Click for 360 degree panorama I made of our pod!! Farewell, Las Vegas.


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