Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hawaii: Aloha, Big Island of Hawaii!

It rained on our last day, which I always like. I didn't want to stay anyway. Hmph. 
Farewell, Mika Kai Alua!
So long little trek to the fish nursery.
We'll miss you, cool Asian walkway tiles.
As, ever, we bow to you, Mighty Beach House Tiki God.
Remind me to get a yard Buddha and stone turtles to liven up the Chicken Ranch.
So we piled our salty stuff in our rides...
Bid farewell to the guest house...
...And took my third least-favorite family photo. It's Art's least-favorite too, you can tell.
And made a slightly rainy trek...
Back to the airport. First to turn in our cars....
And then to drink bad coffee and lounge around, waiting for our plane to Honolulu, and then Seattle.
Guitaleles in tow and all.
So long Mauna Kea!
We got breakfast on the way over, but lunch on the way back. That loafy looking thing is actually a huge manapua, stuffed with meaty deliciousness.
Wait, what? Waipahu water?
And after a couple naps and a few games of Candy Crush for the nephew (Scrabble for us)...
We were back in SEA-TAC to part ways!
None the worse for the wear.
In fact, better for the experience.
Thank you all so much for participating in this awesome celebration, and to our elders for giving us this amazing adventure! SO lucky to call you all family. xo


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