Saturday, May 24, 2014

Abu Dhabi: Enjoyed your Lobster? Here's Some Dental Floss!

So Andrew and I flew in the same flight from Frankfurt, and we both work at CH, and his birthday was Friday. We shared a driver from the hotel. So since we'd spent approximately 45 minutes together, and know almost no one else in the country, and my husband and his girlfriend are halfway around the world, I offered to help celebrate his birthday. Plus, a civilized meal out that isn't room service would be welcomed. To the Jumeirah Towers...
For a drink at Ray's the top (62nd floor) and then dinner. Guess what -- in Abu Dhabi when you ask for French 75, the server says "coming right up, ma'am!" Take that, Brickhouse.
The view was spectacular, though I only had my little camera, so spotty photography.
Then to Li Beirut for dinner! We were seated outside by this pool and the waterfront, but think there was A/C blown on us or something, because it wasn't unbearable. The view to the left.
The view to the right. Looks like something from the Jetsons.
I got seafood, so got these implements. Andrew leaned over and said "I hope you don't go all Dexter on us." Bahahah. We talked TV a lot. 
He got lamb chops, so got this little silver rest for his steak knife. So fancified.
OMG, so delish. Lobster, mussels, salmon, whitefish, giant shrimp, and clams. I might have to go back before I leave.
This is Andrew. He's from the Spartanburg, South Carolina office, and turned 29. He mentioned that his all-time fave TV show was Arrested Development. And as I was about to say it he said, "And people usually tell me i bear a striking resemblance to Michael Cera." Yep. 
After our swanky waitstaff cleared our knife rests and had zambonied the crumbs from our table, this was placed in the middle of the table. A candle? Sugar for post-dinner decaf? A lighter for a cigar?
Nope, tiny packets of dental floss. Wait. After this ridiculously formal and fancy meal, i'm gonna floss my teeth at the table? What now??? What am I, a heathen? Please. 
Not up to my normal caliber of dinner date, by any stretch of the imagination, but nice to chat with another American for a bit! 


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