Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hawaii: Kona!

Wake up, you!
We have to courier these two to Kona, stat! They loved being driven around like Miss Daisy. I loved using two cell phones with spotty service, a hand-held GPS, and a paper map to navigate. ;)
I'm just realizing this is a little out of order...that the hike post should be before here. Oh well. the view from Kona!!
Sal, attempting to find us a luau to attend. We ended up frittering away the afternoon and the timing wasn't right, so didn't do it.
But we did get shave ice! Our one and only. Tiger's blood for me, of course.
And then, playing in the water!
Mah nephews.
Me and my mother-in-law. Regretfully I didn't have my camera, because i spent most of my time playing with a turtle in the surf!!
Oliver, about to catch a mean wave...
Wipe out!
Carolyn sometimes says Louis and I are cut from a similar cloth, with our dry wit, quiet demeanor, and oldest sibling woes...
But I think i found my water buddy in this one. We finally decided after everyone had been waiting for us on the shore for a while that we should probably walk upright on the land again. Boo!
I was bummed we missed a luau, but had so much fun at this little beach with everyone!


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