Saturday, May 17, 2014

Abu Dhabi: My Room

It's a pretty standard business hotel room.
 With pretty swanky facilities.
Including a lit magnifying mirror, and the button below it that adjusts the volume of the TV speaker in the bathroom, but check the makeup smudge on the wall.
 But mostly its pretty high-techy.
Including this nightstand tablet that lets me adjust all the lights and the temperature in the room, set the Do Not Disturb digitally, or request laundry service, which i'm going to have to do one of these days. 
Thankfully I can still get my One Direction fix on Vh-1. Plus Travel Channel, History Channel, BBC, CNN, Bloomsberg, and a bunch of movie channels. 
 The Gulf News is delivered each morning, and features middle east news with a smidge of western enterainment. Thank heavens Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Solange made up. 
 Pretty standard hotel toiletries.
 A little minibar that's appropriately overrpriced. 
Oh, and yay! Everyone smokes everywhere! Yay! So gross.
The gym is really nice, tho this is technically the "mixed gym." The ladies-only gym has one of each piece of equipment and men are not allowed. But interestingly, I had to have a special watchband badge to get into the mixed gym, while any random joe can access the ladies' gym, no problem! 

Between the oppressive heat (90s this week, 100s next week), absence of women on the street, and the lack of infrastructure, the miles on my FitBit have been REALLY low this week, so this morning I participated in the Grand Millennium Invitational 5k and I won! Hahah! The treadmills keep track in kilometers, and 3 miles seems pretty run-of-the-mill, but 5k? Dang, that's impressive!!! 


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