Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Abu Dhabi: Feels Like 110

It’s hot here. Crazy hot. Melt your face off hot. Can-only-be-out-in-it-for-12-minutes-or-I’m-going-to-suffer-heat-exhaustion hot. You basically have to either be acclimated to it – which I can do, with some training – or you basically have to run from air conditioned building/car/store to air conditioned building/car/store. My sweet husband warned me, “It’s hot. Hot like you’ve never known.” Come on honey, I like it warm! I like the humidity! It’ll be fun!!


As such, you’d think there would be ice and icy drinks everywhere. Nope. I can’t find a cube to save my soul. Even at the mall I have to strongly coerce them to give me more than 3 pathetic cubes, and then they laugh like I’ve asked them to put ketchup in my soda. The hotel has no ice machines. Is that legal? But hilariously, I have been provided both gin and tonic in my minibar. WITH NO ICE? Puh-leeze.

I went without for the first week, then while grousing to Rahul, he said “Uh, there’s an ice machine on the 6th floor.” YESSSS!! Then my coworkers all remarked that my drink (in swanky reusable glass from Ikea) was more ice than drink! Hahahah! This is about as hilarious as “Uhm…do you own any clothes that aren’t black?” #realoriginal #neverheardthatonebefore #youwouldntaskverawangthat

My beloved ice machine broke 3 days later. And 4 days later, there it remains, sadly disconnected from any water source.

One room-temperature water for me, please.

Trust me, it doesn't feel like 110, it feels like 100 million.


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