Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hawaii: The Third Wedding

It is at point that I discover what seems to be a technical difficulty with my camera, but turns out to be a foldering issue that occurred when I moved my disk from my Fuji to my Nikon. But before I figured it out, we thought I hadn't captured the first wedding AT ALL. Oliver seems really psyched about this news.
That's OK sweetie, we'll do it again!
Everyone back to the lava.
This time the officiant brought fire.
The groom goes here.
The bride goes here. The nephew goes there.
Ok, ready?
Wait, we need those torches actually lit.
Where were we?
Stupid wind.
OK, final bridesmaid please!
I can tell this is the third wedding because in this one the bridesmaids are BOTH standing up for the groom, which of course makes perfect sense. This one truly is my second favorite family photo.
Back across the lava in one's wedding shoes! Dangerous!
I really think it's gonna work out.
The book in the officiant's hands? "Getting Stoned with Savages," by J. Maarten Troost, which was the book I was reading on the trip.
Hubba hubba!


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