Saturday, May 24, 2014

Abu Dhabi: War Room

Work continues in the war room. Mostly 11-12 hour days six days a week. Doesn't leave time for much else outside of working, sleeping, trying to hail a taxi, dining, and managing my laundry. Folks in the office have been asking me if its weird or different or what.
I've been telling them it's very strange. Outside the front door, its another country. Inside the doors, I might as well be in Seattle or Tampa. It's standard protocol that most offices in the firm are designed to all feel the same. Same layouts, same furniture, same colors. Partially so that when you travel to other offices, you feel comfortable and are thus more efficient. 
I learned today from the Brits that nearly everything in the office here was shipped over, presumably at considerable cost, for just this reason. This makes much more sense. I couldn't imagine that giving it this feel over here would be easy.
I'm in the "Howland" Conference room. Howland was one of the 2 H's in our name, and the last survivor of the Corvallis foursome. It makes me giggle when I see the nameplate on the glass.


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