Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hawaii: Let's Snorkel!

One of tens of trips over the lava to see the fishes in their lava pool nurseries.
These are a pile of pix from the entire trip of folks aboveground pre-snorkeling.
I wanted to head into town and buy these three each a 3 mm dive skin.
So proud of of my mother-in-law for doing everything in Hawaii. EVERYTHING! I love her adventurous spirit. 

Little creatures existing on the lava.
I need to do some work on this one, but if you click to enlarge, in the middle of all the gray is a lovely young woman in a lilac scarf, who was worshipping sun or deity, we don't know, for most of an entire day.
My wise brother-in-law knows, unlike me, to not give the thumbs up under water, which is the sign to your dive buddy that you need to surface. Thankfully I am married to my dive buddy, and he knows i'm a doofus. Then there was that one time when I dove with Tim, and we were thumbs up all over the place. It was a mess.
I adore my new(ish) (child-sized) mask, easy draining snorkel, and little pink snorkel fins. Different from my large dive fins. I wish this new rashguard came in pink, but it didn't, and it was perfect, so there i am, dressed like a valentine.
Yay for some of my favorite Ss: Sombreros, sun, sea, and snorkeling! 


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