Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Abu Dhabi: What's for Eats?

Mostly I'm a cheap date, stopping by the buffet or just having a couple of things from the snackbar. But a couple times i've gotten room service. This is the caprese salad. I neglected to shoot the individual pizza in the warmer below. It was olive, mushroom, artichoke heart, and tomato. But oddly, each piece had only one item on it. Two slices of olive pie. Two slices of mushroom pie. It was delish, but odd.
Room service always seems to be GOBS of food. I don't know how they made this sandwich so big, but it was huge, I barely ate half of it. 
 For lunch I usually walk through the pedestrian underpass to the shopping center across the street. Here's what happens to my camera when i leave 50 degrees and enter 97 degrees and try to shoot. Yeah. 
My kingdom for a cup of ice. There's no ice anywhere. Not even in the hotel. 
I've had more Indian food here than i've had my entire life. It's fine, its just not really my thing. I got this pizza at Pizza Amor, which of course came with ketchup. I get ketchup with everything. I'm not sure if only because i look American, or if everyone wants ketchup with their pizza. I went simple here. "The tre fromaggio please, thank you." Mozzarella, gorgonzola, and parmesan. Perfect.

Wait...gorgonzola? WHAT? 
Today I tried Subway. (Foot-long -- half for lunch, half for dinner!) The bread was spot-on, but there was something off about the mayo. A little hard to see, but these are "Tomato Ketchup" flavored Lay's potato chips. They were weird. They also have something called "picked barbecue," that aren't bad! ;)


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