Saturday, May 17, 2014

Las Vegas: 2014 Girl Party in Laaaaaaaaaaas Vegaaaaaaaaaaas!

Has it already been two years? Dang! In that time Southwest killed the flight that went from Portland to Boise to Vegas, so I had to fly alone, getting to baggage claim a good two hours before my Portland ladies. Hey look, there's one wandering up now!
Like we did in Hawaii, they quickly dumped their luggage on a strange person to use the loo. For about 5 minutes it looked like I came to Vegas with every single thing I owned.
And then the serpentine line to get a taxi, which goes faster than you think, but which my FitBit logged at half a mile. So nice to see my girls!!
At the airport I got a call that our grocery delivery from Vons was delayed. OK! Readjustment from the lunch we had planned to make, to having our taxi driver go through the drive-thru of the In-n-Out Burger! YES!
And then, we were at our house! I don't think i have a better picture of them, so take note here of the gorgeous Gerber daisies, a gift from Dad who likes to get us flowers for this event, as its close to Mother's Day, mom loved flowers, and loved that we all made time for this biannual girlfriend event. SO SWEET!


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