Saturday, May 17, 2014

Las Vegas: The Fremont Street Experience

After an amazing dinner together (including the so-civilized touch of black napkins for the ladies wearing black -- I love it!) we bounded out on the street in time to see the Heart show at the Fremont Street Experience.
Not a huge Heart fan, but it was so fun!
This band was really, really terrible. I've seen better bands randomly in Boise, this was the best you could do, Fremont? Yikes.
General people watching, dancing, and sizing-up.
So fun to be outside and be warm.
Why so sad on Fremont Street?
Oh! I must have needed a Sister hug!
This wedding party Grandma was there for her grandson's nuptials, rocking it on Fremont at 87, cane and all. She reminded me of our Great Auntie Irene, who passed away this month, and really was a great woman. She was a hoot!


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