Saturday, May 17, 2014

Las Vegas: The Indigo Does Not Disappoint!

This one's better. :D
To the Strip for a little gambling and revelry prior to our Cirque du Soleil show at 10 p.m.! WOO!
Come on big money!!
Yes? Yes? Yes? No.
We aren't really big gamblers.
After the show, which we all liked, we took a circuitous route from New York New York, on the monorail, and over to Bally's....
To the Indigo Lounge. My Kristin and I have danced at the Indigo for years and years. It's not a dance club, but they usually have a two or three man band that plays accessible dance hits from the 80s. Lots of Bon Jovi. It works for us, and we even got some requests to dance. "Sorry sir, this one is taken."
I had her on my dance card already. :)
And as our Kristin pointed out, "The Indigo Does Not Disappoint!"


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