Saturday, May 24, 2014

Abu Dhabi: Marina Mall and Tower!

So with my big day off, I cabbed it down to the Marina Mall and Observation Tower.
On the waterfront. Well, I mean obviously a marina is on the waterfront.
And has all the trappings of a tourism destination. Lovely fountains...
Rows of trimmed palm trees. You know the deal.
Then up in the elevator to the 100 meter-high observation tower. That's 328 to you Americans.
 The top floor is a swanky restaurant, the second to the top floor is a coffee shop. I have coffee shop written all over me, don't I? Iced coffee with milk. Cow's milk please, no camel milk. Goat's milk would also be accepted, incidentally. 
I asked the English-speaking folks at the table next to me to take my picture, only to discover they were from Whitefish, Montana! She had been asked to come speak on bullying in the schools at some conference. 
The marina and water was just lovely.
 The view back at the city. 
There's always this socked-in fuzziness in the air. Like the Oregon Coast except about 80 million degrees. And July is their hottest month! Yikes! 


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