Saturday, May 17, 2014

Abu Dhabi: The Mall

Today (Saturday) was mostly shot after early morning blogging, my 5k, ;), leisurely reading the Gulf News over breakfast, and negotiating with a coworker as to whether we were going to go to Dubai or not. We decided it would be too much. 
 So after a bit, I finally wandered next door to check out the Al Wahda Mall. These are apartment buildings across from the mall. 
I'm not a huge shopper or mall person back home, so I don't plan on hanging here too much, but its jam-packed with Western stores and restaurants -- pretty much everything you might find in a mall at home, including a couple higher-end stores like Armani Exchange and Bobbi Brown. There are a million coffee shops, and a bakery called "Oh My Buns!" Hahaha!
Wrangler...Claire's...Body Shop...Gap...Nike...Sephora... get the idea.
Red Lobster, two McDonalds, Popeye's, Starbucks, and of course, "America's Number 1 Italian Restaurant"...Olive Garden. Meh. They do feature in the basement of the mall the largest "hypermarket" in Abu Dhabi. "Hypermarket" is a term to describe a store that sells everything, like a Walmart or a Target. I consider Fred G. Meyer the king of the hypermarket, and I'm totally adopting this term -- let's all use it! 
After getting myself absolutely and hopelessly lost in the six? Seven? Eight story mall? (On purpose), I wandered over to a hilarious "British pub" for some British pub fare. Mostly I was the only woman in the place, and the atmosphere was weird, but they had a lot of cool photography, including this Stevie Ray that I'd never seen before. So young! 


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