Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hawaii: Hiking Mauna Kea!

Just prior to hitting Kona ;) we drove up Mauna Kea to check out the visitor center and hike a bit!
Invisible cows! We had lots of conversations about them.
Hey look! I was in Hawaii!
Hey Carolyn! Take a picture of my sister-in-law and I!!

Carolyn. That's a picture of your son that Sal and I randomly happen to be in.
There we go! OK, if you look closely in Sal's glass, my husband still made it in to the picture. Hmph.
All 8 of us climbed up here! Together! It was really fun!
And the views were spectacular.
It doesn't look like its that far from that road down there, but trust me, it was a decent trek!
Such handsome, polite...
....and charming young men, my nephews.
Hats all around please!
Making Dad proud. ;) When we were little he'd comically have us salute transformers when we drove by. We still try to catch a shot with one whenever we travel.
We are sweaty, red-faced, and a bit disheveled, but this turned out to be my favorite group shot! More will come, but none beat this one, I think.


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