Saturday, May 17, 2014

Abu Dhabi: In Transit

Lufthansa from Denver to Frankfurt, and Frankfurt to Abu Dhabi. Oh you! Plying me with champagne and heart shaped crackers. So civilized.
I had made it to the Boise airport with no problems, but when I said "Abu Dhabi" to the grandfatherly ticket agent, he raised one eyebrow and asked, "Uh..does your Dad know you're going there?" Uhh. does my HUSBAND. 

The Boise to Denver flight was delayed because of...well...snow that made our incoming plane late. Snow, in Denver, in May. Huh. So there was a risk I might miss my connection to Frankfurt in Denver. The gate attendants in Boise moved me up from row 29 to row 15 in the hopes that it would give me a little more time to get to Denver Concourse A. There were 10 of us trying to get to that Frankfurt plane, so they waited for us. But I can cross "get paged in an airport" off my bucket list. 
So we left around 5 p.m. and made it to Frankfurt, at what i thought was going to be around 10 p.m. including the time change. I was QUITE shocked when someone opened a window and it was daylight! OH! 10 a.m.! Damned 24 hour clocks. Who can keep them straight. With the time change, a 10 hour flight. Yeesh.
I pride myself on blending in when I travel, and think I succeed, as I often get asked for directions. Which is hilarious, since i can barely find my way to the Boise mall, 7 years in. As I approached customs the agent took one look at me and said "Canadian?" 

Well, actually, my maternal grandfather was a Canadian citizen prior to the war...! Oh. Uh. No. American. 
So long Frankfurt! I was there for all of an hour, maybe. Another 8 hour flight in, and we were in Abu Dhabi. And my driver was a little late, but I can also cross "have a dude with a white board with my name on it waiting for me in an airport" off my bucket list. 


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